Divine Water has two Chapters, one in Pennsylvania and one in Texas.  Each Chapter is independent in that each has the freedom to raise money and fund specific water projects.  Chapters may not use donated funds to pay for salaries, postage, travel, etc. Overhead expenses are covered by the founders and/or board members.






PA CHAPTER – Board Members


Jim Bailey – President

Jack Turner – Treasurer

Carol Bailey

Charissa Wilson

Scott Hansford

Jessica Hansford

Steve Young



TEXAS CHAPTER – Board Members


Jim Mynaugh – President, Founder

Kathy Mynaugh – Co-Founder

Bobby Ponder – Treasurer

Gina Brown - Secretary

Larry Cobb

Barbara Cobb

Mike Ballard

Joy Ballard

Alex Ballard

Alan Crawford

Linly Crawford

Kelly Beard

Patti Beard

Thiess Brown

Michael Parker

Lisa Parker

Sawyer Parker

Colleen Mynaugh