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There are 750 million people on the planet today without daily access to clean, safe drinking water. These people – mostly women and children – are forced to walk several hours to muddy ponds and streams. Often this water is contaminated with animal (and sometimes human) feces. When consumed, the bacteria in the water results in water-born diseases, such as diarrhea, dysentery, cholera, etc. People become sick and cannot go to work or school. Sometimes, especially with cholera, people die, as villagers have no access to modern medicines. Globally, a child dies every 5 minutes as a direct result of drinking contaminated water.

Divine Water uses John 10:10 as our founding verse from the Bible. Jesus came “so that man could have life to the full”. We submit it is impossible for anyone to live life to the full if they are constantly beset with diarrhea and severe stomach cramps. Water is essential to life and clean water is essential to a healthy life.





Often, there is a nearby aquifer that can be readily tapped by drilling a borehole 50-75 meters in depth.  And once a hand-pumped well has been installed, the entire village can enjoy drinking almost unlimited amounts of clean, safe drinking water.


However, water wells cost money – and villagers typically make $1 a day or less.  They simply do not have the financial resources to pay for something that may cost $10,000 or more.   This is where Divine Water steps in. Once our partners notify us the village is “ready” we provide the capital to install and start up a water well.   


Results are transformational.  Within 6 months, 80% of water-born diseases have been eliminated.  One village in Uganda reported zero outbreaks of cholera after startup of their new well.  The year prior they had three outbreaks, and with significant loss of life.


Divine Water understands we cannot fix all the world’s water problems.  But we also believe we can fix a little bit. Each well provides clean water for 500 - 1,000 people.  Perhaps that’s not so little – especially if you are one of those villagers that just got a source of clean water.


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