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Divine Water partners with individuals and organizations which have an on-the-ground presence in the countries we serve. This is essential for several reasons:


1) In much of Africa, and because of wars, lack of strong – or overly strong governments – and because much of the European settlement of Africa has been abandoned in the past 40 years, villagers are skeptical and distrustful of outsiders, sometimes even people from neighboring villages.  Without trust, change is impossible.


Fortunately, Divine Water has found a number of partners that spend considerable time and resources in-country.  Our partners work hard to build relationships with the villagers and work hand-in-hand during the change process bringing education, better sanitation, and access to clean and safe drinking water.


(2) Sustainability must be a factor in investment decisions.  It is estimated there are 50,000+ abandoned water wells in Africa. Before Divine Water commits to funding a well, there must be a plan in place to maintain the well so it can provide many, many years of useful service to the village.


Healing Hands International
Kibo Group – (Uganda)
Water Underground
Keith Avaritt – missionary (Costa Rica)
Pioneer Bible Translators - Papa New Guinea



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